The Old Man’s Podcast with Dena Jo and Eric

#334 - Cooking with Dena Jo and Grammi #8

August 20, 2021

The Girls took over the Control Booth and had a GREAT time!!!

Shonda from the "Van Life Pantry" joined them and a good hardy conversation on cooking and food prep took place. They were joined by TUDDLES on the phone for a guy's perspective.

The Girls threw out a challenge to all of us: Make a dish with zucchini as the main ingredient. It can be anything you want EXCEPT for Zucchini Bread and/or Cookies. Make your dish, take a picture and along with your receipt send it to the shows email ( to be shared on our facebook page. Don't forget to have your "TASTER" write a short review.

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Tune in tonight for the Old Man's Music Show featuring DISCO!!!! Put on your dancing shoes and tune in at 8pm pst.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Later Gators!!


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